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Yuca Morita 森田 由花

– 1978.2.27 Born in Osaka city, Japan.

In 2001 I graduated from Osaka Univercity of Arts in textile design.I specialised in the art of traditional Kyoto kimono dyeing.
After graduating I moved to Okinawa to study at Okinawa Prefectual of Arts in which i studied the traditional Okinawan style of Kimono dyeing,after graduating I met “Thomas Kaiju” the sun of an artisan imperial jeweler so studied under him school “Kazari School of Jewelry” the skill of jewelry making.
“Thomas Kaiju” also taught me the basic skill of “Itonoko” which means “coping saw method” like a paint brush to create Jewelry art.

– 1978年2月27日 大阪府生まれ


Artist Statement

I try to create jewelry that brings out the charm and beauty in the wearer.
My inspiration for creating my jewelry comes from the delicate Japanese sense of beauty throufh traditional Japanese arts especially Japanese Kimono.



  • 2001 Graduated from Osaka University of Arts
  • 2006 Graduated from Okinawa Prefectual University of Arts a master of arts
  • 2008.6 “Kazari School of Jewelry Exhibition 2009″ at art salon of Ryubo department store in Okinawa
  • 2008.9 Winner of Pearl jewelry contest
  • 2008.11 Group exhibition “Trinity” at gallery Oroku in Okinawa
  • 2009.7 “Kazari School of Jewelry Exhibition 2010″ at art salon of Ryubo department store in Okinawa
  • 2010.8 “Kazari School of Jewelry Exhibition 2011″ at art salon of Ryubo department store in Okinawa
  • 2010.10 Solo exhibition “UKA” at “Design studio” in Osaka
  • 2010.12 Group exhibition and sale “Okinawan Christmas” at LEQUIO laboratory in Okinawa
  • 2011.7 Solo exhibition “流 -ryu-” at the art gallery of Nishinomiya Hankyu department store in Hyogo
  • 2011.10 Solo exhibition “UKA vol.2″ at “Design studio” in Osaka
  • 2011.12 Group exhibition “Amrita winter festa” at Gallery Amrita in Osaka
  • 2012.3 Solo exhibition “Hanahirari” at De.Clare gallery and shop in Osaka
  • 2012.12 Group exhibition “2012′ presents” at Gallery Amrita in Osaka
  • 2012.12 Group exhibition “gift of winter” at Glass studio Gallery ku- in Osaka
  • 2013.2 Group exhibition “Present of Valentine ” at Glass studio Gallery ku- in Osaka
  • 2013.3 group exhibition “Selected works from Japan 2013″ at Michi gyallry in NY
  • coming soon.